Samm Lavelle

Hi, my name's Samm and I'm a Frontend Web Developer who's always looking for a challenge.

I love taking a design and bringing it to life and creating engaging UX.

Here's a selection of my most recent websites and experiments, some of which are personal projects and coding challenges, and some of which have been built for clients.

I'm really proud of my new website; I'm enjoying tweaking the content to get it right - so much better than what I had before!

Jason Brooks - Portfolio and Shop

Jason came to me to rebuild his website, which was originally built using flash and which just wasn't working for him any more. He wanted to keep the same striking design, but he wanted it to work on all devices, on all browsers, and he wanted to be able to keep it updated himself more easily.

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Brighton 'Logo' - CSS Animation Experiment

This logo was my first experiment in using keyframes to create complex animations in CSS. I attended a workshop, hosted by Codebar, and worked through a tutorial on the topic (adding in some personal touches) to create the scene you can see here...

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brighton animation desktop screenshot brighton animation tablet screenshot brighton animation mobile screenshot

Polystyrene Splash Page

This splash page was a coding challenge set to see how I could keep the content of a page visible and impactful on any screen size.

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poly desktop screenshot poly tablet screenshot poly mobile screenshot

Will Newmarch - Portfolio Site

Will came to me with a design that his friend had created for him. He was looking for a polished and subtly dynamic build which was fully mobile compatible to showcase his personal projects. I particularly enjoyed the challenge of modulising my code to be easily installed in his chosen CMS: Perch. You can see the static build of the site here as the live site is currently offline.

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WordPress Based Food Blog

My cat has a passion in the kitchen. This is somewhat remarkable and needed to be documented. I took this oppotunity to explore the benefits and pitfalls of using prebuilt themes as a basis on WordPress. Pancake enjoys the ease with which she can upload new content using this CMS, but we both agree bespoke builds are more fun.

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Pancake's Pedicures

This cat grooming website was a mockup to develop my skills. I took a wireframe from a friend and filled it with cats. While this site is filled mostly with 'cat ipsum', I focused my final efforts on developing the site's SEO to gain knowledge in this area. I haven't had any enquiries yet, though I'm still hopeful.

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Samm Lavelle - Portfolio Site

I needed a place to present my web/cat based work. This seemed like an appropriate option. It is static though I've experimented with minor JavaScript implementations such as HeadroomJS. It's also fully mobile compatible and provides me with a simple but easy to maintain web presence. Go ahead, look around!

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I'm really impressed by how quickly you brought my design to life. I love how it even fits nicely on my mobile!

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